Saturday, December 4, 2010

wine and cookie party

Tonight we had a small get together with some friends, a wine and cookie party. Tis the season for cookie swap parties and I figured we'd spice that up a bit and include some wine. Friends brought homemade cookies and wine and we sampled them all and am quite proud of our graveyard of empty wine bottles. In fact there are more left over cookies than wine. I'm not going to review the wines I tried and I didn't try them all. But I'll list what we had and maybe some general thoughts.
  • Ravenswood Zinfandel 2008
  • Cycles Gladiator Pinot Noir 2008 I've reviewed this before but I don't remember what year it was. Still a reliably good wine.
  • 2006 Bordeaux Superieur Chateau Virecourt Pillebourse a French wine my inlaws gave us, I'm pretty sure my SIL picked it out last time she was in town. I know nothing of French wines but this was pretty good. I'd get it again for a review.
  • Da Vinci Pinot Grigio 2008 I don't remember if I'd had this before or not but I've had their chianti before and it was good. I'll have to do this one again for a review as well.
  • St. James Winery's Country White A local winery that I haven't tried before.
  • Cranberry Wine from Tomasello Winery. Made from 100% cranberries this was an intriguing wine that proved quite good for a "sweet" wine. I say "sweet" because it tasted like cranberry juice, so it's not a true sweet it's that wonderful bitter bite that cranberries have. And I have a soft spot for cranberries so I very much enjoyed this wine.

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Things to Do said...

I'm familiar with the first three. And is St. James from MO? I used to have people demo their wines, but wasn't old enough at the time to taste it. God, how times have changed.

Jealous I couldn't be there!