Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Fire + Wine

One of my favorite Lodi wineries, Harney Winery, opened the winery tonight for "Ladies Night". They offered lots of fun stuff like tasting, drinks, food samples, and shopping for holiday gits. Instead of dealing with the crowds, we just grabbed a glass of wine and sat by the fire pit and toasted to life. Mine was the Old Vine Zinfandel ($9.00), hers was the Petite Sirah ($7.00).

Sometimes it's nice to just kick back and drink some wine. I hope you all do the same this week!


crymson said...

I don't think I've ever sat by a fire pit w a glass of wine. I think I need to remedy that soon.

nordwolke said...

That looks so cozy! And the title reminds me of a Type O' song ("no more nights of [wine] and fire ..." - I substituted the original word by "wine" in my head ...).