Sunday, December 12, 2010

Drinking for a Cause

Over at my other blog, I recently wrote a list of things that I wanted for Christmas this year. One of the items on my list was (Fledgling Wine). This wine raises money for Room to Read which is a great non profit that works for worldwide literacy. This made me start thinking about other wines and wineries that give back (besides that headache the next morning).

Here's a list of wines that I found that are making a change, one bottle at a time:

1) Macchia's Victorious Zinfandel (nicknamed Boobylicious) - $5.00 of every bottle sold is donated to American Association for Cancer Research

2) One Hope Winery - Winery has a variety of different wine options and 50% of profits are donated to causes such as autism, AIDS, our troops, breast cancer, planet and children's hospitals

3) Greater Purpose Wine - 55% of the wine profits benefit abandoned and orphaned children

4) Cleavage Creek Winery - Each winery label features a breast cancer survivor and 10% of purchase is donated to breast cancer research

5) Lookout Ridge Wine - Donates one wheelchair for every bottle sold of their new releases  

6) Philanthropie Wine - Percentage of the sales from bottles of wine goes to six Oregon animal charities

7) Mutt Lynch Wine - A portion of sales goes to support local animal rescue operations

I'm definitely going to add some of these wines onto my 'To Drink' list. How about you? Do you know of a winery that gives back with their wine? If so, please leave a comment so we can check it out.