Friday, December 3, 2010

beer obsession

I'm not winey snobby enough to only be a wine drinker. In fact I love a good beer and tend to have a beer regularly. Beers are great, like wine different beers can go with the season, or the mood. One of our fave beers in the house are from Leinenkugel's. It's a brewery in Wisconsin that we discovered years ago.
Our first Leinie obsession was their honey weiss, a summer beer that has become available year round. It's light and flavorful, and we very much enjoy this in late spring and summer. The first time we tried Leinie's Oktoberfest was about 3 years ago and we were in love. A seasonal beer that comes out in mid August and by October most places were sold out. It was about all we drank for those few months. Since then we've tasted lots of oktoberfest beers from other breweries, but this one has a special place for both of us.
2 years ago we tried one of their new seasonals, FireSide Nut Brown. A warm darker beer with spice flavors. It comes out after the Oktoberfest and we fell in love with this for around the Thanksgiving season as well as through out the winter. The spices and hazelnut flavor reminded me of holidays and cozy fireplaces. Last year I was pregnant so not much beer obsession was had by me. Although I did smell a few and look longingly at Chris a few times.
This year the obsession is Leinie's Creamy Dark. They've had this beer for a long time and we've just now tried it. It's similar to the Nut Brown but w/out the nut flavor and the spices are toned down slight. The beer isn't as dark as a stout but it's still a sipping beer which is perfect for this time of year. We're very much enjoying it and it's just about all we've bought over the past month or so.


Chris said...

mmmm creamy dark. I licked the screen a few times.

Things to Do said...

I tend to stay away from the dark beers, but if you say it's good, I'll have to try it out.