Wednesday, September 22, 2010

My Dirty Little Secret

I have a secret to share. Sometimes I need a break from the delicious, powerful Zins and Cabs that sustain my wine drinking existence. And I do that with some of the sweetest, delicious dessert type wines that I can find. I went to visit St. Supery winery about six months ago and after a tasting fell in love with their Moscato wine. It's fruity (with hints of apricot and pear) and so smooth, I tend to drink it like it's liquid candy.

Imagine my joy then when I found out that they have a Moscato only wine club (plus joining the club meant our tastings that day were free, it's like I saved money - as if I need additional encouragement). That's eight delicious bottles of Moscato a year.

A couple of weekends ago St. Supery had a great event for their wine club members. They brought in a traveling wood burning oven and served us lunch and wine. The lunch was a variety of different wood burning oven pizzas and salad and glasses of delicious cabs and chardonnays. It was really the perfect day.

So, does anyone else have a wine drinking guilty pleasure?

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crymson said...

guilty pleasure....mmmm just that with a really good bottle i may have to drink the whole thing!