Sunday, September 19, 2010

Menage a Trois vs Goats do Roam

Friday we had Akabar and AZombie over for dinner and drinks. The guys had beers and we decided to sample two red wines that are reasonably priced. I provided the Goats do Roam red that is priced at $8/bottle. I think I'd sampled this a while back but couldn't remember what I thought about it. And Akabar brought the Menage a Trois for about $12/bottle. She's been a fan of the red and I hadn't tried it, although I've enjoyed their white before.

Menage a Trois was opened first. At first sip it had quite the bite. But then I put it down to get the food cooking and by the time I came back for another drink the wine had smoothed out. Smoothed much better than I normally expect for inexpensive wines. This was definitely the fave wine of the night. More was definitely drank from this bottle than Goats. Plus as Akabar suggested the true test of a good table red is how it tastes the next day. Menage was just as good the next day as it was the night before after breathing. I even finished the bottle off Sunday and then I could faintly taste the beginnings of oxidation.

Goats do Roam was not a bad wine, it just wasn't as good as the Menage a Trois. The bite that comes with the Goats wine comes late. So you take a sip and it tastes almost watery until after you swallow and then you get the flavor. Which is sorta not my fave. This wine didn't smooth out after breathing either. This might have been more enjoyed with a bigger meal such as a steak or roast. I did take a small taste of it the following day and it seemed to have the same flavors. I haven't had any more though and now after 4 days I'm sure that the third of a bottle that is left is oxidized and not very good.


azombie said...

"Goats should be labeled as a scalp sanitizer. Ménage was good from my first sip until C err I meant Akbar finished the bottle."

Things to Do said...

I actually went to the Folie a Deux/Napa Cellars winery last weekend. Apparently Folie a Deux which makes the Menage a Trois was started by two psychiatrists back in the day. They had cheap tastings so I'm a big fan!