Tuesday, September 14, 2010

a year in the waiting

Last August while on vacation in Michigan I stumbled upon a bottle of Petite Petit by the Michael and David vineyard in Lodi California. I reviewed this wine earlier that summer and needless to say it was wonderful. I haven't been able to find a place in Illinois to purchase this particular wine so I grabbed a bottle and brought it home. And then I got pregnant. So the bottle sat on display in my dining room for a year and two or three weeks.

Friday night I got a craving, we called up some fellow wine drinkers and invited them over, and cracked it open. Poured it into the decanter to let it breath for about a half hour. Then divided it up and sipped it's goodness on the deck on a cool summer evening.

This wine is still good stuff. I was worried that the pregnancy changing my tastes preferences. No worries here. It's so different when you drink a really good wine. I'm glad I had this before I started reviewing wines again. It raises the bar and reminds me that there is another level of wine wonderfullness.

It's a smooth wine and full of flavor. You can't take a sip without sighing with content or saying mmmmm. We nibbled on fresh berries and dark chocolate which worked well, but I think a good steak dinner would really be enjoyable with this wine. Hopefully I won't have to wait so long to enjoy this one again.


nordwolke said...

I am getting thirsty due to your description. ;) Sounds like a wonderful wine. And great your taste has not changed. It is definitely time for red wine now! I totally agree with you on good wines!

Things to Do said...

Yay! Lodi Wines are the best!