Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Dry Creek Fume Blanc

A week and a half ago my inlaws came to town to visit us and spend some time with R. The plan was to go to the art fair in town and eat dinner there. Unfortunately it rained and the baby was quite grouchy. Instead the guys went shopping for grub and booze. They came home with lovely ribeye steaks, potatoes, some octoberfest beers, and my FIL bought Dry Creek Fume Blanc for my MIL. She opened it and had a glass. I opted for finishing off a bottle of red I had laying around.
Two or three days later we found the opened bottle in the fridge and Chris and I polished it off. It was good. Three day old wine and it was very yummy! Just the right amount of fruityness. I have not been in the mood for whites, mostly b/c the weather is chilly, it's prime red wine time. But I am glad this was left over in my fridge. My next outing to the booze store I'll pick up a bottle of this so that I can do a proper review on how the wine tastes fresh.


Things to Do said...

I'll have to add this to my list. And let's just say my list is growing! Doh!

crymson said...

wine lists are supposed to grow...the bigger the better!!!