Friday, June 5, 2009

Luzon red

I am apart of our local liquor store's wine club. Which means that once a month they send me a coupon for what ever bottle of wine they choose that month. It's unusually an inexpensive bottle that gets decent reviews. So I picked up a bottle of Luzon for the whopping price of $6 and some cents. It took a while to get to opening the bottle and giving it a go.
I opened the bottle up a couple weeks ago and was pleasantly surprised. A little bitey but that decreased as the wine breathed. I enjoyed a nice glass in the evening then recorked to have some the following night. The next night while cooking dinner and sipped on another glass and the wine was already very rapidly oxidizing. The bitey flavor was very strong and not decreasing this time. I was a bit bummed.
This wine is from Spain and I believe the bottle I bought was the 2007 vintage. So if you find this bottle in your wine rack make sure to finish it off the night you open it!

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