Monday, June 8, 2009

Gabbiano Pino Grigio

A few years back Castello Di Gabbiano chianti and pino grigio's were one of my go to wines. It still is for chianti but I haven't had chianti in a long time. I'll have to pick some up soon. It's prime season for pino grigio so I picked up a bottle. The only reason that I'd stopped buying this brand was two back to back bottles that were ruined w/ cork rot. Which is bascially when the corks get mouldy and the wonderful wine tastes like acid/vinegar. This is where the move toward plastic corks is becoming popular but that's a whole nother post in the works. Anyway after experimenting w/ other pino grigio's I soon forgot about Gabbiano.

Now several years later I remembered it while brainstorming good white wines I'd had before. I picked up a bottle and opened it over the weekend. It was perfect after a day at an art fair in pleasant weather. It was light and refreshing. It would have been perfect with some cheese and crackers. I would definitely pick up a bottle of this again.

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