Wednesday, June 3, 2009

the best kind of research

I leave for California in 23 days! And in preparing for our trip Miranda and I have been looking up area attractions that we want to see and visit. Our plan is, the day I fly in to visit Lodi and taste some wines. I mentioned before last summer when we visited her we stopped in Lodi which brought on my 6 month Zinfandel obsession. I think I'm ready to bring it back! Then the next morning we start our road trip North up route 1 along the beautiful coastline.

Today's research is to narrow down which vineyards to visit that first day. We can't get slobbery drunk since the next day will be full of driving narrow windy roads and attempting to look at the scenery. So M sent me this list of links and I'm to narrow it down to 6ish. Has anyone out there been to any of these? Any must see ones?

3) - Love the names of the wines
4) - Look how cool that tasting room looks

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beadexplorer said...

I think you should go to Oak Ridge, the name is cool and it does look really inviting!