Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Cycles Gladiator Pino Noir

Surprise Surprise, I first bought a bottle of Cycles Gladiator based on the label. It's an impressive label! It's now become a decent standby. When I know I want a decent wine and don't want to gamble or spend more than 10 bucks this is where I turn. I've tried their pino noir, syrah, and pino grigio. All are good.

Most recently I had their pino noir. Next to their sryah the pino noir is my favorite. This past bottle I had was ok. I think Mirassou's pino noir has surpassed this in my cheap go to really good pino noir. But that's ok because there's nothing wrong w/ having two go to bottles. =)


Philip Woodrow said...

Thanks for the remarks, we're glad you like the Cycles Gladiator. And yes, we agree it over delivers on value for the dollar. At Hahn Family Wines we pride ourselves on that in every wine we make. (BTW the Syrah is my fave too.)

Philip Woodrow
Director of Marketing Communications
Hahn Family Wines

crymson said...

Thanks for stopping by! I'm planning to review the Syrah real soon. =0)

beadexplorer said...

This label is amazing. A "biker Valkyrie"! It rocks. Leads me to the questions why high-quality teas don't display interesting labels ...