Thursday, February 3, 2011

Tiz 2004 Red wine

I bought this wine to have around Christmas time and just now got to drinking it. It was cheap about $7.99 from Fresh Market. Between the price and the pretty label I was sold.

It was an ok wine. A blend of merlot, cab sav, and syrah, that's not too bad. You get a bit of the fruit up front then a bit of bite to behind but nothing too bad. It tasted better when I drank it with dinner than it did while I was cooking dinner. By the third day it had smoothed out a bit and was actually quite tastey. The fourth day was a rapid down hill. A little air definitely helped but the decline is sharp so drink her up quick.

I'd rate it a 3 "eh." I wouldn't go out and buy this again but if its on hand its not too bad a wine to have.


V said...

Thats so funny, because I love wine, and I can hardly tell the difference from cheap wine and expensive. I usually buy my wine by the picture thats on the bottle. Isn't that so ridiculous? LOL

crymson said...

I think buying wine based on label is one of the best and most common ways to buy wine. =)