Thursday, February 10, 2011

I Work and Drink in Cubes

My town has two Targets. The one that is 5 minutes from my place and the one that is 20 minutes from my place. Now of course the one that is 20 minutes from my place is the we'll call the 'classy' Target (aka Targ├ęt). The one closest to me is let's say less classy (aka Target).

I had four places to stop tonight: the library, Target, Michaels and Office Max. That meant I didn't have the time to spend hours shopping and so I settled on going to the close/shady Target. Of course this Target has a very sad wine display with not a lot of variety. And I didn't want to make another stop. So while looking at bottle after bottle of Mondavi, I decided to take a risk.

I. bought. a. cube. of. wine.

If I have to choose, I think cubes are cuter than boxes. Everyone says so. The cube also pointed out that in Europe (yes, Europe) wine is often offered in nontraditional packages.

I went into this experiment wanting to hate the wine. But a quick glance of my rosy cheeks in the mirror says it all. As far as cheap wine goes, this isn't bad. Plus two bottles at $10 is kinda awesome.

I'd give it 3 stars meaning I'd buy it when I've run out of wine but I know my wine club is going to be coming due in a couple of weeks so I need to make my dollars stretch. Or if I have a big fancy dinner party and need to impress my guests by having expensive wine (meaning I buy the empty bottles and fill them with box wine, ala Raising Hope this week).

Have you ever had box/cube wine? Am I a total wine snob? Or are wine cubes the new black? I'd love to hear what you think!

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crymson said...

I've had the bota box old vine zin and that was pretty good. In fact not shabby at all for the price of it.