Monday, February 14, 2011

Spanish Wines - "Mederano" and "Navarrsotillo"

Apposite to my previous entry with the partly Spanish quote, I would like to bring Spanish wines to your attention. My long-term favourite has been the Spanish Mederano Tinto (Freixenet). At a price of about 4 Euros, it is a reasonably priced wine and nice for this price (I would rate it 4 stars). Recently, I have made the experience that red wines below 4 Euros are usually kind of awful.

On Friday, we ran errands at the local organic grocery store. At a special price, I bought "Navarrsotillo Joven 2009 Rioja Noemus".
(For a picture, click products - see products - Vino Doc Rioja Joven - Tinto)
Special price was about €5.50, regular price should be about €7.00 - 8.00.
And boy, was it tasty. It was fruity and slightly sparkling from the beginning and it was just as good the next evening. Well, I am not so good at wine tasting/testing. The website says:
"A young Rioja wine, balanced and with body, obtained from a skilful mixture of varieties. It has an attractive cherry red colour with violet glints, very clean, with a medium to high robe. It has a sound, whole nose wrapped in spicy clove and vanilla tones. It has the typical acidity of the grapes used, giving it freshness and good persistent finish, and a meaty, tannic mouth feel.
Noemus: The Israeli patriarch Noah, said to be the first man to get drunk on wine."

I would love to drink this one again. For the time being, I would rate it 5 stars but then I am rather unexperienced. So do not take this too seriously. ;)

I cannot wait to try other Spanish wines as well as Greek ones.


Things to Do said...

I don't know that I've had any Spanish wines. I'm totally going to have to start looking for them!

nordwolke said...

BTW, the 2nd one contains the following vines: Tempranillo, Garnacha & Mazuelo. According to my new little guide on variety of grape, these are typical for a Rioja cuvée. Just in case you want to try or read more about it in your wine guides.

crymson said...

I've had a couple good Spanish wines at a local restaurant. I can only get one locally and it's on my to buy list so that I can do a review on it.

crymson said...

I haven't tried any organic wines yet. I'm also curious about these.