Saturday, December 18, 2010

food and wine top 2010 wines

I've been flipping through the December issue of Food and Wine magazine lately and came across a small article with the top bottles of 2010. The list is 4 bottles long and picked out by F+W's wine tasters.

1. 2008 Alice et Olivier De Moor Chablis Rosette ($38) slightly higher than my price range but if I ran across this I'd pick it up b/c it made the list.
2. Chateau Palmer Historical XIXth C. Wine ($250) way out of my price range. Once wine's get this expensive it blows me away, I mean I've had some wonderfully glorious wines but how good can they get? I may never know.
3. 2008 Man O'War Syrah ($22) This brand sounds familiar, I may even be able to find it at my local booze shop.
4. 2007 El Pecado ($80) Seems that I've been hearing more about Spanish wines lately.

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