Friday, November 5, 2010


For a long time a wine's label was solely how I chose what bottle to buy. Now after sampling many bad and good wines I can kinda look at a description and think if it would be good or not. I'm in no way above picking based on label and still do. This just means I'll now get a boring label now and then. Picking based on label is purely subjective. What strikes my fancy won't many others. To me I don't like to think of wine as hoity toity and in an upper class, I like to think of wine as fun and hence I'll choose a bottle like Michael and David's Petite Petit over the Francis Ford Coppola design. Even though I enjoy both bottles immensely. Alright I'm rambling....the purpose of this post is that Miranda sent me this link this morning that I found interesting. It's a list of 30 Creative and Unusual Wine label designs by

I'm curious... which of these 30 designs would you buy based on label design?
I would get the
Matsu Organic Wine
Shefa Profusion Wine
Vine Parma Wine
Lazarus Wine's Braille Wine bottle


Things to Do said...

I think we should try to find some of these wines to try. Cause I'd probably try them all, you know how I love lists!

crymson said...

I'm weary of wine that doesn't come in a me a wine snob.

I second the idea for a "to Drink" list. which should I add?

nordwolke said...

That's a very cool list. I like:
Return of the Living Red = cool name, interesting label
DolceVita Wines = very appealing to me
B Frank = I like to B Frank and Frank is a nice name, too ;)
Vine Parma = reminds me of Maya art or something similar, love the nightsky in the background

Things to Do said...

I'm not going to lie. The wine cubes at Target have been very enticing in the past!

Cathy Engberg said...

I would consider buying the USB Port or Shefa by the label... but I most definitely would get the Frog's Piss if I ever came across it!!