Monday, October 11, 2010

UnCorked results

What a fun event. There was a live auction as well as a silent auction. I'd never been to auctions before so this was interesting to watch. Booths of wine and beers were set up for tasting. Local restaurants also had booths set up with small meals or hors'd'oeuvres. I got to try salmon tartar which made me real excited. I see it on top chef all the time and now I've tasted. I was under the impression that the salmon would be raw and the chef said it was cooked just a little bit. It tasted pretty cooked to me, but it was very good.
I mostly sampled wine while there. Not too many stood out. I tried Bogle's Pinot Noir which I'd heard of before but had never bought a bottle. It was ok. Not too exciting. The unseasonal warm weather put me more in a white wine mood. I sampled a couple pinot grigios that were ok as well. What I really remember enjoying was Giesen Sauvignon Blanc. Something about the sav blanc's lately, I must be in a mood. This bottle has made the list to buy in the future to do a real review of. From what I remember of it now is that it smelled very fruity but had that nice sauvignon bite that toned down the fruit just right. I guess back to the liquor store to see if I can get it locally.


Things to Do said...

Did you take any pics?

nordwolke said...

That event looked quite promising on the advertisment you posted. Interesting that you are in the white wine mood. I love white wine but as the days grow shorter, I am more in the mood for reds in the evening currently.
Would love to see pictures of the event, too.
The coloured leaves on the sidebar are very beautiful!