Tuesday, October 19, 2010

She came from Greece, she had a thirst for knowledge (or wine)

This past summer, I made a trip to Greece. I tend to fall in love with things easily and it was of no surprise that I fell in love with the Greek wines. The wines are rich and potent, just like I like my wines..... and my men. I tasted several different house wines and find myself lingering still when I go to visit the liquor store in the Greek wines section.

One of our stops was to Minos Winery on the island of Crete. Even at 8 a.m, I was ready for wine tasting. One of my favorite things is cheap, well made wines and Minos had several options. I picked up this Medium - Sweet Table Wine for about eight euros. I tasted it tonight and it was just as delicious as I remembered and instantly took me back to the Mediterranean. I wish I had the kind of refined palate that I could tell you the different flavors in the wine, but years of killing my taste buds with hot sauce and super sour candy have limited my ability. But I can tell you that it's strong, jammy and delicious and that's all I need to know. I'm just upset I couldn't cram more of these bottles into my luggage (Although, I have a tiny bottle of Rose saved for later).

Food and Wine recently had a whole section dedicated to Greek food and Greek wines. I ended up tearing out the entire section of recipes and wines and added them on my to drink and to cook list. Seems I'm going to recreate the Greece experience in my kitchen and my glass for the next few months.

Anyone else have any knowledge of Greek wines? Do you have a wine that reminds you of a favorite place to travel? Let me know and I'll add it on my list!


ken said...

"The wines are rich and potent, with a thick moustache, just like I like my wines..... and my men."

Fixed that for you.
Good read.

crymson said...

soon I will make a list of wines to try then I can knock them off one by one on here.

also super jealous about the greek wine. I plan to ask akabar if the wine shop has a greek section.

and stay tuned for a review of a German wine soon. I need to set up a time with nordwolke to taste together.

Things to Do said...

Ken - You would think I was talking about you. But I didn't mention and lives in the basement of their mothers.

Crymson - Real excited for greek wine examinations!

nordwolke said...

In Germany we have a famous song about Greek Wine. "Griechischer Wein"
Enjoy! ;P No moustache ...
The greek wines I have drunk recently were all good!

crymson said...

no moustache but some serious 70ies hair

Greek Restaurant Owner said...

They say that whenever you drink red wine you are getting in touch with the spirit of the Greek God Dionysus. He is the ancient Greek God of the grape harvest and the ruler of madness, ecstasy, festivals, celebrations, eating well and the theater. Aside from grapes and a big goblet of wine he was also strongly associated with Satyrs – the mythological half man, half goat creatures that were known for being overly romantic.
Try some in greek wine list westchester has.