Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Dry Creek Fume Blanc

It's been a while now since I tried this wine. I had high hopes for it, maybe they were too high. When first opened I found it had quite a bite to it. After letting the glass sit for a few minutes that seemed to mellow out a bit. I could taste a slight fruity quality to it but it was pretty hidden behind that bite. I corked the bottle and stuck it in the fridge a bit disappointed.

A couple days later I came back to the bottle to finish her off. Like the last bottle I found that the fruitiness in the wine was a lot stronger 2-3 days after uncorking. I enjoyed it much more this time around. I did some quick research about letting white wines breath or decant and mostly came up with the result that they don't need it. Although apparently some people will decant whites. This is the first I've come across that benefited from a little air. Has any one else come across the need to decant white wines? or have any opinions on it?
In general this wine was ok. Even after a few days it's not a great wine but a good one for the price which was under $15.

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