Thursday, July 2, 2009

Earthquake Zinfandel

I am back from California although I still might be on California time. Ugh and the fact that it's Thursday is still confusing me. But I am back and have a couple of wines to share.

After being picked up at the airport, Miranda and I headed straight for Lodi to visit the vineyards on our list. First stop was Michael and David vineyards. I've reviewed several wines by them before, and Miranda is also a member of their wine club. We tasted a variety of their wines, a couple white, a rose that was interesting, and then several of the reds. Earthquake Zinfandel was my fave of the day and I quickly purchased a bottle.
This delicious zin is smooth and bold and full of flavor. I've said before Lodi zins are the best, and this lives up to that. The label and cork are both fitting for the name. And to quote the vineyard's description of the wine, "it will rock your world." Although heed my warning, with over 15% alcohol sip this one slowly.

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