Sunday, May 31, 2009

Vino de España: Mederaño

Today, I would like to recommend a white wine. In fact, it is one of my favourite white wines. It is from Spain and great for mild summer nights. The brand Freixenet is well-known for its high-quality sparkling wines. However, this wine from the same brand is even a little bit cheaper than the sparkling wines. A bottle of Freixenet Mederaño is about 4 Euros. What I like about this wine is that it is quite refreshing, just like a white wine should be. Since, I am not a conoisseur of wines, I will translate the description of the German Freixenet Mederaño website about this wine for you. It says:

Fiery fizzy temperament
Mederaño shines stray yellow in the light. After the first sip, you will be surprised by its fizzy-fresh attack. Its grapefruit taste will remain on your palate for a long time
[nina: I would never have thought it tastes like grapefruit BTW]. At the same time,it tastes fruity and has a plesant ratio of sweetness and sourness [nina: a wonderful description, total agreement on my side]. Enjoy this fresh, light white wine - just without many words.
These flavours tickle the nose
A display of fireworks of fruity flavours: freshly spicy scent of pear, banana, a little bit of white pepper and mirabelle
[nina: so, no grapefruit anymore? These fruit comparisons do meet with my approval :) ].
Sommelier recommendation
Highly recommended as a soloist. It goes well with light meals like fish, poultry or salads like tomatoe-mozzarella.

Mmmh, tomatoe-mozzarella salad and pesto! I can imagine that very well now. :)
Watch out for this wine or brand. It seems like you can buy Freixenet wines, at least the sparkling wines, in the U.S., too. Look here. I can only recommend those as well!

*edit* Listening to the Desperado Soundtrack goes also well with the wine! :)


crymson said...

That sounds wonderful! I'll have to keep my eye out for it next time I'm out shopping for something new.

I just finished a bottle of wine from Spain. It was a red, and pretty good when I opened it but the next day it had already turned bitter. I'll have to remember to review it later.

beadexplorer said...

I have never had problems with this wine. You can even enjoy it 2 or 3 days later! Which I will always have to do.
Do you have small wine bottles over there? We have 0.25 litre bottles here which are nice for one evening but also expensive. The Swiss have 0.5 l bottles which I think is the perfect size!

crymson said...

You can find some wines in small sizes. (you might get two glasses out of the bottle) But the majority that I've found in these sizes are cheapy blah wine. I like the idea of half liter wine though!

Things to Do said...

This sounds so delicious. I'm thinking we need to start a wine swap club to trade wine across the atlantic. If only it were easier to ship alcohol!

beadexplorer said...

@Things to Do:
Yes, that would be cool ...

crymson said...

that would be cool! wonder how much it costs to ship a bottle?