Friday, May 29, 2009

Fourplay 2004 No1

Tonight my friend Pratt came over armed with a fave wine of hers. She's normally a sweet wine girl, but a few years ago went on a merlot kick and discovered Fourplay. She's been talking this wine up for the past year and finally found it at a liquor store to share. It's by no means a sweet wine and I'm not even sure it's a merlot. It's made of four different grapes from Sicily.

It's a dry wine that has a bit of a bite to it at first. I'm not sure if letting the wine breath or if numbing up the taste buds is what lessened the bite but it definitely went away. After it did the wine was fruity and rich. A beautiful dark smooth red. It would have been excellent with a meal, but worked just fine as a sipping wine. We sipped the bottle dry!

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