Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Wiener Dog White

Some times it's all in the name. That's what sold me on this bottle, that and I was already buying a bunch from Alto anyway. The label does the name justice and I bought it with the intentions of sharing the fun w/ friends on a warm spring day.

Yesterday was the perfect day. Misty and Trina came over to watch Lost and it was our first real 60 something day with the sun out. A perfect day for some wiener dog wine. This wine was more of an impulse buy, an ok wine compared to the reds we were sampling at Alto. For a semi sweet Illinois wine this was pretty good. It is a blend of three Illinois grapes, Vignoles, Villard, and Chardonel. It has the fruity flavors but without the over whelming sweet, and yet it lacks the oaky dryness of a true dry white wine.

Thumbs up to this wine and it's fun label. Too bad they don't have any fat cat reds!

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cuz katie said...

I adore Alto! Think I've only had their reds.