Thursday, March 19, 2009

return of wine night/Formula 2

Last night we had our first Lost wine night since before Miranda moved to Cali. It was great, and much needed after a long week for both of us. Our friends Misty and Katrina joined us for food, wine, and Lost!

Wine night originated 3 or 4 years ago when we would go over to Miranda's apartment to watch the Sapranos. We decided that wine would be appropriate for the show and then discovered that we were the only ones that really enjoyed wine out of our group. Once the show ended we kept up our weekly tradition of drinking wine and watching whatever was on the tube at the time. Watching Lost was just a given and we would bicker about who was cuter and brainstorm about the million questions the show leaves out there. This is also where I became hooked on Top Chef and Project Runway. =)

Our methods for choosing wines aren't too far off from how I choose a wine now. By lable! Sounds corny I know...but if it has a good lable it definitely draws my eye. And over the years now I'm starting to remember which lables where good and which to stay away from. So when Theresa was over a couple weeks ago and we were in Peoria Heights at a wine shop my eye was immdiately drawn to the bottle of Handprint Merlot. The Merlot was a bit out of my price range but we got to talking to the guy that was working there and he mentioned that the zombie wine we'd noticed earlier was from the same winery, Meeker Vineyard. The zombie wine which is actually called Formula 2 is a seasonal wine that wine club members could purchase. It is a mix of a bunch of grapes but he assured us it was good stuff. Because it was seasonal for Halloween they were on sale. So I spurlged for zombie/frankenstein wine, and we opened it up for wine night last night.

Formula 2 was really good wine. The perfect amount of sweetness mixed in with other lovely winey flavors. I wasn't in the mood to analyze yesterday. It was the sort of good wine that I could easily drink half a bottle in one glass. I browsed their website and most of their wines are a reasonable price. It would be a fun vineyard to do some tastings at, and perhaps even become a club member.

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beadexplorer said...

The labels are both very interesting. Bummer, that the first one was a little bit too expensive. It looks fascinating. The Zombie looks funny. It's good that it tasted good despite of that label! :) And I am glad you had a fun wine night with your friend!!!