Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Toast of the Town Chicago

After two years of talking nonstop about wanting to attend this amazing event we splurged and bought VIP tickets. This is Wine Enthusiast's Toast of the Town event, taking place in 5 cities across the country. In Chicago it takes place at the Field Museum, my personal favorite of the city's museums. I was in love with the idea of tasting delicious wine and tasting fancy food underneath Sue. That experience was everything I had hoped it would be.

Over 500 wines were available for tasting. I didn't get through half of them but I did taste some wonderful wines. 35 local restaurants were there each supplying a single bite of something delicious. And it was all wonderful. I even found myself at one point focusing more on tasting the different foods than the wines. It was fun trying new things and different flavor combinations. I would totally go to a foodie event like this. I'm not sure they exist but they definitely should.

Favorite wines tasted are Twisted Old Vine Zin and J Lohr's Pinot Noir. I think they were both reserve wines which could be hard to find. But they both have their non-reserve wines available at local stores and I plan to pick them up soon. I can't really pick a favorite food that I tried. It would be difficult to choose from lobster sandwiches, fried octopus, spicy sushi, lemon ginger gelato, deconstructed upside-down pineapple cake (amazing) and many more. Everything was really good.

It was a fun event and C and I both said we'd do again. M was wonderful enough to come out to Chi-town to join us this year. One of the other city's this is held at is in San Fransisco. I think that sounds like an excuse to head to California for a weekend!!


nordwolke said...

It looks & sounds totally exciting. When will this event be in San Francisco then?

spartachris said...

I believe there was a mai tai table somewhere on the premises.

Things to Do said...

Yes, you totally need to try it at several locations. Lobster roll was my favorite I think.