Sunday, February 27, 2011

Academy Awards Wine Night

Miranda often credits me on her blog for getting her addicted to things like photography, cooking, and sometimes even wine. Although the wine thing is silly we each got hooked on that together. When she lived in town we had a wine night every week. We'd buy based on label, price, or at one time whether or not the bottle had a real cork.

Well the road goes both ways and she's left her impact on me as well. She's gotten me hooked on Liberty of London scarves and their target collection. She's officially hooked me on West Wing, Six Feet Under, Project Runway, and Brothers and Sisters. And she's gotten me hooked on watching the Academy Awards. Now I'd always been kinda interested and would watch here and there. But the last few years I've found myself seeking out date, times, and channels it will air on. And now I can't watch it w/out watching at least an hour of the red carpet before hand. What makes this event even better is a bottle of wine. This year we are stepping this up a bit and watching it together through skype. It's a cross country wine night with lots of wine and red carpet celebs. I'm super excited about tonight. I have no idea what I'll drink but I went wine shopping so I'd have a selection to choose from.
Do you watch the Academy Awards? Does it involve wine? Are there any events worth cross country skyping to watch together w/ a bestie?


Things to Do said...

OMG! She sounds so cool!

jenna ♥ a little blue said...

awe so cute that you guys skyped the awards together. :)

i watch the show every year with serious anticipation. normally it includes wine... but this year i was feeling under the weather so i traded my wine for water. not as cool.

Reg Rodriguez said...

what a great idea to have an oscars wine night over skype :)