Friday, January 7, 2011

2011 winey goals

A New Year, a new look, and more wine. That's my plan for 2011. More specifically I'd like to explore some cheaper wines. I kinda already do this but I'd like to make it official. The whole you get what you pay for is definitely true when it comes to wine. But at some point I have to wonder really how wonderful is a $500 bottle vs say a $100 or a $50 bottle. I can't afford that experiment this year, but I know you can get some decent wines for under $20 bottle. So I'd like to explore price range and grape. Is there a major difference in a $20 bottle vs a $15 or under $10? Do certain grapes make better cheaper wines than others?

This will also contribute to my second winey goal for the year. Branch out of my normal wine buying habits and look for other varieties I may like. I tend to buy zinfandels, pinot noirs, pinot grigios, and an occasional petite syrah and riesling. Seems like a good selection but really there are tons of other types of wines out there. I tend to stay away from merlots and chardonnays. And they could be the two more popular wines made or sold in the US. My figuring is that there are too many bad ones to find the good. But I'm turning a new leaf. I'm out to find at least one under merlot and chardonnay that I like and would buy again.

Finally I've come up with a rating system to rate the wines I review.
It's a 1-5 system.
1=ugh it was vinegar
2=not my fave
4=pretty good I'd drink it again
5=lip licking good wine


jenna ♥ a little blue said...

my mister is super good at picking out wines under $10, but i have no idea how he does it. :)

love your goals & your rating system!

Things to Do said...

Love your meaning for #1. Sounds like a great goal for 2011. Can't wait to read about it.

silvii tron said...

Until my visa comes through and I can work, I'm still on a under the $12 wine budget. Unless we go to friends for dinner then maybe I'll push for a $15. I definitely think wine is way more expensive in Canada than back home!

Anyways, through my budget hunting in the wine stores, I have often found many a good bottle for under $15. The Wyndham Estate Bin 555 Shiraz is pretty good and there's another called Red Truck (their red wines mostly) and Fetzer - especially the Gewurtztraminer.

I'll just live vicariously through you on the higher priced wines!

nordwolke said...

I do not know how comparable price ranges of different countries/continents are. My husband says, his colleagues do not buy a wine below 6 to 7 Euros. I am just beginning to explore wines at more than 5 Euros. I have learned that red wines below 4 Euros are crap.

I do not think I will ever taste a 50 or 100 Euros wine although I would be curious if there is a difference. I am not sure what my price limit would be. I will let you know. ;)