Friday, November 19, 2010

Tollinger mit Lemberger

Earlier this year I received an awesome happy baby gift from a good friend in Germany. She sent a small bottle of German wine. She picked a kind that she had not tried with the great idea that we could try it on the same week and discuss. Later we came up with the idea that we should try it together via skype. Last Saturday Nordwolke and her husband sat in front of their computers in Germany and 7hrs and a gazillion miles away me and Chris sat in front of our computers while the four of us sipped wine and beer and chatted the night away.

She sent a small bottle of wine from the Felsengartenkellerei Beigheim winery. It's the Trollinger mit Lemberger the name of two grapes blended together. It was a good wine, something different than I'd ever had before. It was the color of cranberry juice, darker than a blush but lighter than a normal red wine. It tasted sorta like a concentrated blush. Strong fruit flavors but it was dry wine. Definitely not too sweet. I can't really think of anything to compare it to that I've tried before. I enjoyed this over a blush. It is a great table wine in that you don't have to eat to enjoy this wine, or it would go great with just about any meal. I would try this again, or maybe try another from the same company.


Things to Do said...

Wine brings people together! So excited you guys got to try this!

nordwolke said...

It was pretty mild, not what I usually expect from a dry red wine. But it's an ok wine.