Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Red Truck, Pino Noir

One of the first wines I started to drink regularly was Red Truck's red wine. I haven't had it in a while so I don't want to officially review it. I was under the impression that Red Truck's brand was relatively small. I'd seen their White Truck white wine and their Pink Truck's blush, and I thought that was the extent of their selection. I was wrong. This past weekend I found out that they have a huge selection of just about every kind of wine you can think of.
We tried Red Truck's pino noir and their syrah. I'm only going to review the pino noir since that's what we drank first. Although I remember the syrah was ok and I'd try it again.
It wasn't the best pino noir I've had but it definitely wasn't the worst. It had some fruity flavors and was fairly smooth. I'd drink this again as it was a good wine for the 10 dollars, and it's nice to mix up the selection. And for anyone out there collecting corks I've always enjoyed red truck's.

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