Sunday, May 3, 2009


One of the last bottles to open from the So. IL trip was our favorite of the entire trip. We actually purchased two of these and had an entire bottle while down there on the deck above a lake w/ the vines just beyond while listening to live music and being attacked by cheese craving cats. Yes there was a cheese craving cat there and it was determined.
I brought this bottle up to Chicago for Mom's birthday and we enjoyed it on her deck, w/ Gram, while taking pictures of non attacking birds. It was just as good as I was building it up to be in my head.
The vignoles grape is a hybrid grape made from a cross between Seibel and Pinot de corton. The wine is light and fruity and yet not sweet at all. It didn't have the dry oaky after flavor either. I can drink like juice but it doesn't really taste like juice. It's a beautiful champagne color that was gorgeous in the sun. I took it's picture a lot. This is a must try if you are at StarView and if you're in So. IL you must try StarView!
While up in Chi-town we stopped by World Market to diversify our wine stock. So soon we'll get out of the IL wines and start trying new flavors from all over.

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cdart said...

yes, I very much enjoyed this wine. I will definitely look for this to try again. Very nice, thanks for bringing it!