Thursday, April 23, 2009

Misterioso, Blue Sky Vineyards

We visited Blue Sky vineyards on our trip to southern Illinois. We weren't there long and didn't do an extravagant tasting. It was a warm day and this was the first wine both Pratt and I tasted. We liked it and each bought a glass and then after that a bottle. Blue Sky is a really neat winery, it's different than the rest in the area in that it's more trendy and bar like. The place fills up quickly, sells beer as well as wine, college kids are behind the bar, and they're open later. And it's beautiful. It is completely painted and decorated with a Tuscon atmosphere, the grounds outside are gorgeous and comfortable in warm weather. It's a really nice place to visit.

I'd forgotten about Misterioso until the other day while digging through my wine box. The wine rack is still not fixed so my wine is all in a box. I thought about opening it last night when I was thinking white, but I remembered this being sweet and that didn't sound good. Today was a bit warmer outside and after a nice sushi dinner I opened up Misterioso. It's a blush, which I'd forgotten, and it's sweet. Sweeter than my normal taste, but it doesn't' seem to be bothering me, I'm on my second glass. I'm not sure I would buy this again unless I was actually at the winery. There was something about the atmosphere and fun we were having that made it perfect. And right now it could be the storm rolling in, or the sushi in me, or just a warm day that's making it perfect now.

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beadexplorer said...

What a label! :D
Oh, the winery sounds comfy. I would love to go there.