Thursday, April 9, 2009


When you drink lots of wine you end up with lots of corks. Some of the corks you get are worth keeping, whether it's b/c it was a really good bottle of wine or it's just a cool design on the cork. For a wedding gift we received a kit in which you can make a bulletin board w/ wine corks. This was a hit! I collected corks with Miranda and my Mom for a year and this was the result. For a birthday gift I gave Miranda the same cork board and she just completed her board this week. See it here.

I've still been keeping my corks even a year after I've finished my board. I put them in a bowl or hurricane around candles I have around the house. I've been keeping my eye out for the next project or idea to come to me w/ what to do with the corks. Recently I found this new cork kit from It's a cork kit where you fill in the corks in a wine barrel ring. I like this idea a lot and I like the idea of using it as a center piece on my dining room table. It's on my current wish list in my noodle.

Other idea's I've found are to make a wreath from corks, use the corks as mulch in potted plants, cover a wall in corks. I really love the thought of the last idea. Unfortunately I have no where near enough corks yet and I'm not ready to invest that many corks in a house we may not stay in forever. I have toyed with the idea of covering a table or bar in corks. We have a bar, but it is solid oak and I can't bring myself to cover such pretty wood. A bistro table would be awesome and perfect but I don't have any place for one, except outside. And I wouldn't want the corks to rot.
The pics are taken from a blog I found about cool things to do w/ corks.
I love the cork chair. It looks interesting and I wouldn't even know where to start. It seems to be solid corks which I have to wonder how comfortable that would be. It does look awesome though. Oh well, I'll continue to keep my corks for the next project, be it wall, table, chair, or another cork board.


beadexplorer said...

yeah, the chair is so cool. That is my favourite from that blog you linked to, too!
Still have not drunken the wine I wanted to review. It's still in the refrigerator ... ;)

Things to Do said...

Haha - Blog you found? Ahem? :) J/K. I really like that one lamp. Also, have you googled wine cork on e-bay we can sell corks for a decent amount of money. Not that I would, but seriously.