Friday, March 27, 2009

2007 Chardonel

Last night we celebrated Chris's website going live, and to do that I cooked up a lobster dinner and we opened up a bottle of wine from our recent adventure.

The wine is the 2007 Chardonel from the StarView vineyard on the Shawnee Hills wine trail. As said before StarView was one of our faves. Even the labels, which were designed by a local artist were our favorites!

Chardonel is a dry white wine similar to a nice chardonnay, although it doesn't have that dry after bite to it. That's because the Chardonel grape is a hybrid of the chardonnay grape and a grape called the seyval. Seyval grapes are also grown in the So IL region.

We devoured this bottle with our dinner and supplemented with another wine that was already open and a few weeks old. I won't review that one b/c I think it was past it's prime. The Chardonel was delicious, it was dry enough for the chilly weather and yet springy enough that it was hard not to guzzle. I'd buy this again, and recommend dry white wine lovers to at least taste it if they're near the winery.

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beadexplorer said...

Sounds like it is for me and makes me want to drink the (cheap) ViƱa Sutil Chardonnay I bought last weekend (and watching Heidi Klum's Top Models *lol*) ...