Wednesday, March 25, 2009

2006 Lust Zinfandel

I needed to ship a box of wine home for Christmas for my alcoholic Illinois friends. So, I selected the Michael-David winery in Lodi, California because a) it's only 12 miles away and b) dude, it's delicious! And the best part if I signed up for the wine club then I got a big discount on the case plus I'd get shipments of wine throughout the year. Consider me sold! 

This winery is known for their 7 Deadly Zins wine and their Old Vine Zins which I've become really obsessed with. The wine club I signed up for contains quarterly shipments of 2-3 bottles of red wine. This month's shipment was 2006 - Lust Zinfandel and 2007 - 7 Deadly Zins. 

I uncorked the Lust tonight, which is easy the most expensive bottle of wine I've ever bought. Yikes! But holy cow is it worth it. Consider me hooked. I can just supplement my big purchases with 2 Buck Chuck in the meantime. That's classy right? Right?


crymson said...

Many people enjoy the 2 buck chuck, I'm not a big fan. I think I might be getting spoiled by nice wine. Does that make me a wine snob in the making?

Things to Do said...

Yes. Don't become one of them!