Thursday, February 19, 2009

Windmill Estates Old Vine Zinfandel

I have a back log of wines I wanted to document and this is the first of them. Since visiting Miranda in California and tasting some zinfandels from Lodi CA I became hooked. For about 4 months that was all I would drink. I'm branching out again now...but I still LOVE an old vine zin from Lodi. Lodi is not far from M and so she brought back some yummy zins for Christmas presents this year. I got a 2006 Windmill Estates Old Vine Zinfandel pictured here. This is from the Michael and David vineyards in Lodi. They also sell the well known Seven Deadly Zins..which is also very good but that's another post. I would actually really like to try the rest of their selection of wines...just for the shear genius of their names! =)
Windmill Estates is a nice zinfandel, although not my absolute favorite. It didn't seem to be quite as rich as other "old vine" zins that I've had from the area. It's actually only 76% Zinfandel and 24% petit Sirah, which is a nice combination but explains why it wasn't quite up to the other old vines I've had. I definitely enjoyed the wine and would have no issues having another bottle. It would be perfect if you were going to share it with a wine drinker that is just starting to enjoy a nice zin.

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